After Installation Services


Flawless operation and fulfilment of customer benefits over many years do not depend on careful design alone. Equally decisive are the quality of work during installation and commissioning as well as ongoing maintenance. With a well-trained and experienced in-house team, BUPI Golser offers its customers services along the entire product lifecycle including interventions with rapid response when needed.

The BUPI Golser design engineers create and verify their designs using the latest tools and methods. Nevertheless, the cleaning Systems made in Hallein, Austria, do not commence operations unattended. Before they leave the BUPI Golser premises, they are thoroughly tested as they pass comprehensive acceptance tests. Well-trained after sales support technicians with a host of experience take care of commissioning on the customer’s premises, training customer operating and maintenance staff in the process.

Support direct from the makers

In case the cleaning system fails to work as it should, customers turn directly to BUPI Golser for support. Direct support from the designers and manufacturers of the system saves time and ‘Chinese whisper’ type communication losses. Issue handling – in larger systems often by remote access – is guaranteed to commence on the following (Austrian) work day. BUPI Golser after sales support has in-depth familiarity with the systems so they can usually provide solutions in a very short time. If necessary, they also perform error and problem analyses on site. Based on their comprehensive process expertise, they can often also provide valuable suggestions for improvement.

Without a care for many years

Where they are unavoidable, unplanned system standstills must be kept to an absolute minimum. Operators of long-lived investment goods need to be sure that spare parts will be available at short notice during the life of the installation. BUPI Golser guarantees spare part availability for a minimum of 10 years. The most commonly required spare and replacement parts are available from stock.