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What does it take to stay among the market leaders of industrial part cleaning for more than 60 years? It is essential at no time to lose sight of the important things: A sense of tradition. Quality. And, of course, individual customer requirements.

Preserve proven experience and expertise, promote innovation: This is the entrepreneurial credo of BUPI Golser Maschinenbau GmbH. Since 1954, BUPI CLEANER® has been synonymous with long-lived, efficient part cleaning systems. When the Golser family finally took over in 1993, the two powerful brands merged into one strong family-owned business constantly spurred to top performance by its own ambitious claim to quality. BUPI Golser nevertheless never left solid ground. Working at a production site embedded in a natural environment in view of dazzling mountain scenery, the tightly knit team makes the company’s philosophy its daily reality.

Concentrating on 30 highly skilled and mostly long-standing employees lends BUPI Golser a high degree of flexibility allowing the company to pursue groundbreaking design work and continuous improvement in parallel with day-to-day business. This is exactly what customers value most: The company’s ability to swiftly react to market changes. This helped BUPI Golser pass the economic crises of recent decades unharmed and remain a solid, economically sound and reliable partner.

This is why all products are designed for longevity as well as energy efficiency and sustainability. The protection of natural resources is one of the company’s keystones. Particularly water as a valuable raw material enjoys BUPI Golser’s special attention. All drives are compliant with efficiency classes IE3/IE4/IE5 and work entirely without chlorinated hydrocarbon (CHC) or chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). This is how BUPI Golser in the long run lowers water and energy consumption and protects the environment.

In the end, reliable, user-optimized, energy-efficient and sustainable cleaning systems can make a difference, and they can help BUPI Golser customers secure their long-term production goals.