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Nobody is an Island. BUPI Golser owes its position as one of the most successful businesses in the field of industrial part and container cleaning not only to its in-house expertise and experience in process and mechanical engineering and uncompromising manufacturing quality secured by high workmanship standards and a great production depth. A substantial contribution to our success comes from our technology suppliers. We utilise their product innovations to continuously optimise the performance and efficiency of our systems for the benefit of our customers. We therefore regard them as our partners.


GRANDER® Water Revitalisation

Improving the quality of your tap water naturally
The GRANDER® water revitalisation has been successfully implemented around the world in all areas in which water flows, is used for various applications and is consumed for more than 30 years now. The GRANDER® water revitalisation is based on the principle of transferring information and returns water to a very stable and biologically valuable quality through natural means. The areas of application range from private households to the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as spa and wellness areas, agriculture and industrial use all the way to advanced technology and heavy industries. Water revitalized with GRANDER® stands not only for enjoyment and a feeling of wellbeing, but also for various savings and optimisation potential in technical processes.

GRANDER® water revitalisation devices work without the use of electricity or additives and are service and maintenance-free.

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Grundfos Product Range

Grundfos Pumps

During parts and container cleaning processes in BUPI CLEANER® cleaning systems, liquids need to be moved to the right places in the right quantities and at the right speeds. Cleaning processes quality and the system reliability over a very long operating life is significantly determined by the pumps used. BUPI Golser relies on the comprehensive, space-saving and energy efficient immersion, standard and block pump portfolio from Grundfos. Particularly efficient to operate, they make an important contribution to the reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO). Our customers also benefit from the global Grundfos support network.

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rtg cleantec GmbH

The RTG system developed by rtg cleantec removes particles and soiling from the cleaning system. The system is integrated as part of each BUPI CLEANER® system and assures swift removal of pollutants such as particles, sequins, chips and oil. In the RTG coalescence separator, oil is effectively separated from water, automatically discharged and consequently disposed of. Dosing of the chemicals is fully automatic to keep the cleaning solvent concentration stable and guarantees a constant high quality of the cleaning agent. The RTG system significantly reduced intervals for media changes, reducing down times and operating costs as well as improving quality through minimising residual particles and reducing detergent consumption.

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Siemens AG: Industrial automation with a concept

For control and drive technology as well as control and visualisation devices used in the BUPI CLEANER® line, BUPI Golser relies on the stability and innovative power of the global leader in industrial automation. The SIMATIC system from Siemens comprises a multitude of first-class products and systems for various tasks. With continuous improvement and further development, they keep up with changing requirements to modern machines and systems for use in the manufacturing and process industries. They are one of the foundations for the flexible and economic operation of systems from BUPI Golser.

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497 Trumpf employees in Austria produce press brakes TruBend 5000, 3000 and 7000 including full automation. TRUMPF is also a leading supplier of laser technology for cutting, welding and marking. The group has a global presence with more than 60 subsidiaries in nearly all European countries, in North and South America and in Asia. Trumpf production sites are in Germany, China, France, Great Britain, Japan, México, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and in the USA.