6. November 2017

Case Study – REMUS


BUPI Golser Maschinenbau GmbH
Altengutrathstrasse 31-33
A-5400 Hallein
Tel.: +43 6245 76855-11


REMUS Innovation Forschungs- u. Abgasanlagen ProduktionsgmbH
Doktor-Niederdorfer-Straße 25
8572 Bärnbach
Tel.: +43 3142 69000


Landmark: 14,000 BUPI CLEANER® cleaning systems on the market

Energy-efficient, compact cleaning system for REMUS

Styrian corporate group REMUS-SEBRING, the world`s leading sports exhaust manufacturer, has recently acquired a BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO system. The new cleaning system now provides an energy-efficient, and space-saving cleaning process on the manufactured exhaust and silencer systems. At the system handover in October 2017, BUPI Golser also had a significant milestone to celebrate. With delivery of the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO to REMUS, the Austrian specialist in the field of industrial cleaning now has 14,000 systems on the market.


All-rounder with environmental benefits for REMUS-SEBRING
Austrian company BUPI Golser has decades of experience in developing cleaning technology, the system is not only a tribute to their expertise but also one of the most tried-and-tested models. Apart from its broad range of applications, the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO scores points with its sturdy, compact design, environmental friendliness and low operating costs.

Extensive application area and complex requirements for the system
The REMUS-SEBRING corporate group based in the Styrian town of Bärnbach is the global market leader in the field of sports exhaust manufacturers and employs a total of around 700 people. An existing flow-through cleaning system had to be replaced to deal with the cleaning of exhaust systems required during their production process. The requirements made of the new cleaning system were very exacting, because it needed to clean many different components – accordingly, great emphasis was attached to the system being as versatile as possible.

Following several consultation meetings, the decision fell in favour of the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO because this system was best capable of meeting the company’s individual requirements. Furthermore, this would not be the first BUPI CLEANER® cleaning system for REMUS: The Styrian company has been a customer of the leading Austrian manufacturer for 17 years now and is very satisfied with the other cleaning systems employed.

Energy-efficient, compact and ergonomic to operate
Overall the new cleaning system offers a wide range of advantages, which REMUS is now benefiting from on a day to day production basis. Wolfgang Sabetz, Head of Production Technology and Industrial Engineering at the REMUS-SEBRING corporate group, explains what has impressed him most about the new BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO: “Our old tunnel cleaning system consumed a lot of energy because it wasn’t insulated, and overall it was very costly to maintain. The new cleaning system is completely sealed and fully insulated, making it significantly more energy-efficient.” In order to ensure low system energy consumption, BUPI Golser employs thick-walled insulation and highly efficient motors.

In addition, REMUS benefits from a small system footprint compared with the system used previously, as well as ergonomic operation: “Thanks to installation of a pit, the cleaning system is simple and ergonomic to operate: Despite the large loading area, we’ve thereby achieved a a low effective height of only 1.50 m, making it much easier for employees to operate the system,” says Markus Wischenbart, Technical Director at BUPI Golser.

Landmark for BUPI Golser: REMUS system is the 14,000th on the market
The official handover of the new cleaning system took place in mid-October 2017 at the REMUS-SEBRING corporate group’s facility in the Styrian town of Bärnbach. Not only was there a successful project completion to celebrate, but also a significant milestone: With delivery of the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO to REMUS, BUPI Golser now has a total of 14,000 systems in the market. This figure reflects the success story of the leading Austrian manufacturer very well: The family-run business has been one of the global market leaders in the field of industrial workpiece and container cleaning for 60 years now.