25. April 2016

Press release – Power-Hydraulik GmbH

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Sustainably and ergonomically cleaning difficult-to-access deep boreholes:

Clean Precision

Control blocks manufactured by POWER-HYDRAULIK as the central part of custom hydraulic solutions are reminiscent of Swiss cheese, because they are crisscrossed by hydraulic channels. The task of removing residual moisture, particles and machining residues is performed by a BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO installed in 2015. The two-tank cleaning system with an integrated high-pressure cleaning module and a vacuum drier leaving parts spotless with far less than 500 µm residual dirt, improves usability as well as energy efficiency and reduces environmental impact.

Precisely custom-designed for the specific application, POWER-HYDRAULIK GmbH based in Sulz on Neckar, Germany, produces comprehensive hydraulic control systems for industrial customers in the machine tools, construction, disposal and environmental, communal and agricultural industries.

Machining Aluminium, cast iron and steel to form the core elements of these hydraulic solutions, POWER-HYDRAULIK manufactures control blocks. Weighing up to 1,000 kilograms, they are crisscrossed by numerous fluid channels. Perfect part cleaning between settings during machining and prior to surface treatment or assembly is as important as drilling the hydraulic channels with maximum precision and in the correct sequence. Residual moisture, particles and machining residues need to be removed to ensure precision and operational reliability requirements are met.

Sustainable precision cleaning

Intending to fulfil rising cleanness requirements and improve the useful life of cleaning media they previously had to replace every 6 – 8 weeks at high recycling costs, in the autumn of 2015 POWER-HYDRAULIK installed a BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO from Austrian manufacturer BUPI Golser.

In this two-tank cleaning system, the hydraulic blocks are sprayed on from three sides with a hot cleaning agent, then rinsed and finally blow-dried with hot air. Specifically designed spray jet deflectors first used in this installation ensure reliable flushing even in case of horizontal holes in hydraulic blocks placed on the grate at small distances and with no particular orientation. An integrated high-pressure module allows preliminary manual cleaning using a high-pressure lance. A vacuum cleaner integrated downstream ensures a perfect cleaning result with far less than 500 µm residual dirt, leaving parts spotless.

A sophisticated part handling system and the user-friendly Siemens control and visualisation system improve usability, enabling production workers to perform cleaning operations. High-efficiency Grundfos pumps and utilising excess heat to heat the cleaning media minimise energy consumption. Integrated RTG media treatment systems ensure a prolonged media life, protecting the environment and keeping cleaning results reproducibly stable.


POWER-HYDRAULIK uses a BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO two-tank spray cleaning system with integrated high-pressure lance and downstream vacuum drier to clean hydraulic blocks. It is equipped with RTG media treatment systems so media can be used for six months. High-efficiency Grundfos pumps and utilising excess heat to heat the cleaning media minimise energy consumption.

About BUPI Golser

BUPI Golser Maschinenbau GmbH, headquartered in Hallein near Salzburg, Austria, is a manufacturer and global supplier of part and container cleaning systems for industrial applications. The BUPI CLEANER® systems help customers to improve the overall efficiency of their production processes as well as their product and workplace quality and to reduce their water and energy consumption. This makes these systems indispensable components of many modern production facilities around the globe and BUPI Golser a market leader in the field of industrial cleanness.