Custom Solutions

Rugged, space-saving and eco-friendly high-efficiency cleaning systems made BUPI Golser one of the most successful businesses in the field of industrial part and container cleaning. BUPI Golser owes a substantial part of this success to its ability to individually adapt these systems to customers’ specific requirements and operational necessities.

BUPI Golser standard cleaning systems are available in numerous equipment configurations and housing versions. Accessories and options from a comprehensive catalogue can make each BUPI CLEANER® cleaning system an individual solution perfectly suited to the task at hand at serial costs.

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Full individuality

Quite frequently, requirements are so individual they require changes to central parts of the system. Designing and implementing full-custom solutions are among BUPI Golser’s key strengths. Nearly half of the systems created by BUPI Golser are custom solutions, and demand continues to rise. Their common denominator is the spray cleaning process using water-based cleaning agents. Aside of this, anything is possible.

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Room where there is no room

Frequently, lack of factory floor space prompts custom designs. In many cases, floor space available is hardly larger than the base of the cleaning chamber. Upstream and downstream processes also regularly cause special installation situations such as the one in a plant for reprocessing wheel sets for railway vehicles that are fed to the cleaning system at a given height and direction.

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Certainly thorough – thoroughly certain

Whether cleaning of big parts calls for an extended cleaning chamber or an increased load-bearing capacity or particular contaminations make a higher medium pressure necessary, the system including all components used is designed and verified as one comprehensive project. This is how BUPI Golser engineers assure that all parts are fit to take on the specific load, as the example of a system shows where cleaning cylinder blocks for large Diesel engines are cleaned. The parts weighing 6.5 tons each rotate about a horizontal axis.

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Automation using inline cleaning

The most frequent motive for the creation of custom solutions is the requirement to seamlessly integrate the cleaning process with an automated production line. Usually in the form of continuous flow systems, the custom designs combine the established cleaning process with conveyor systems for the transport of the parts to clean to and from the cleaning chamber. These installations range from belt or roller conveyors to the overhead monorail systems used for sheet metal parts to be cleaned prior to painting. The control system flexibly reacts to the availability of parts to clean and sends status information to downstream plant and to higher-level systems.

BUPI Golser provides custom solutions not only in the form of new systems.
Sometimes, adaptation of the long-lived systems to changed requirements is the most economically viable solution.
It is also available from the system’s makers. With full guarantee.