BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC RSS PRO two-tank-cleaning system with lifting gate

Equipment characteristics

  • Two-tank-cleaning system
  • High-efficiency high-power Grundfos pumps IE3/IE4/IE5
  • Electrical and control equipment from Siemens
  • All components in contact with fluid in stainless steel
  • Return line filtration
  • Manual basket locking
overall dimensions approx. (without additional equipment)SIZE 5
Width2,750 mm
Depth1,930 mm
Overall height2,550 mm
Total height with open loading gate3,850 mm
Transfer height (upper edge grating)1,000 mm
Usable dimensions L x W x H1,200 x 800 x 1,000 mm
Load weight (payload) standard1,000 kg
Load weight (payload) max.1,500 kg
Total system weight1,700 kg
power supply (without additional equipment)
Voltage (three-phase)400 V
Frequency50 Hz
Control voltage24 VDC
Installed load49 kW
Maximum current drain71 A
spray system – CLEANING/RINSING
Spray pressure at nozzle mouth5.5/3.5 bar
Number full jet nozzles mounted106/106 pcs.
Circulation rate33.2/26.7 m³/h
Pumping head in mWS55.8/35.7 mWS
Pumping head in kPa558/357 kPa
Pump motor7.5/5.5 kW
electric heater – CLEANING/RINSING
Capacity tanks500/500 l
Power electric heater18/18 kW
Continuous treatment temperature control0–80° C
Warm-up period tanks from 15 to 70° Capprox. 2 hours


  • POWERTEC RSS PRO Lifting Gate
    • big lots
    • short cleaning cycles
    • operator relief (ergonomics)