Paint stripping systems

Your in-house solution

Purchasing a paint stripping system in-house offers many concrete advantages. More and more customers are making a conscious decision in favour of an in-house solution and against the costly outsourcing of cleaning services with considerable organisational, time and thus cost expenditure.

The cleaning specialist BUPI Golser has developed a special plant series for this purpose, which is characterised by a space-saving and compact construction structure with innovative and at the same time environmentally friendly detailed solutions. With these sophisticated paint stripping systems and service-oriented accompanying services, the premium supplier supports its customers in individual process optimisation. By integrating paint stripping into the production process, the parts can be quickly reused. One advantage is shorter paint stripping cycles and thus higher plant utilisation. The simultaneous reduction of material wear makes unnecessary downtimes of the plant or even interruptions of operation unnecessary.

Paint stripping through chemical reactions is much gentler than sandblasting or thermal processes and thus results in a longer service life of the cleaned parts.

Steel paint stripping

Innovative BUPI CLEANER® systems achieve demonstrable cleaning results in the aqueous-based method of removing paint from hangers in powder coating as well as from miscoated parts. With this technology for paint stripping systems, material wear can be prevented and considerable cost savings can be realised due to the longer usability of the hangers used. The filter systems specially developed by BUPI Golser for the paint discharge and for the condensers for exhaust air purification significantly optimise the ecological balance.

Aluminium paint stripping

With careful processing in separated plants for the paint stripping and rinsing stage, miscoated parts from production or even repair parts, such as aluminium rims, can be subjected to a cleaning process while maintaining the highest quality standards. Concentrated paint stripping with innovative technology from BUPI Golser makes scrapping obsolete and thus makes a measurable contribution to maintaining cost efficiency.

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