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BUPI Golser Maschinenbau GmbH with its BUPI CLEANER® products has stood for innovation, quality and reliability for many years. Beneficial and highly efficient solutions have developed from many years of experience and sound knowledge, which have made the family-run company one of the most successful suppliers of cleaning machines in the field of industrial workpiece and container cleaning.

Our products

From the series product to the customised system

Standard cleaning systems

The POWERTEC and TOPLOADER series form the core of the BUPI CLEANER® products in the field of spray cleaning with aqueous cleaning media. The wide range of models with numerous extras is characterised by simple operation and achieves maximum energy efficiency with the drives.

Paint stripping systems

Purchasing paint stripping equipment in-house offers many concrete advantages. More and more customers are making a conscious decision in favour of an in-house solution and against the costly outsourcing of cleaning services with considerable organisational, time and thus cost expenditure.

Customised systems

With highly efficient, robust, space-saving and environmentally friendly cleaning systems, BUPI Golser has become one of the most successful companies in the field of industrial workpiece and container cleaning. The ability of BUPI Golser to adapt the systems individually to the specific needs and operational requirements of the customer has played a major role in this success.

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Everything plays together here – combined forces come together at this location. This is where the planning and development takes place. Assembly and commissioning work, ongoing maintenance and servicing are all part of the job, as are ongoing quality checks. With our trained, experienced in-house team, BUPI Golser offers its customers a service along the entire product life cycle.


Installed BUPI CLEANER® cleaning systems


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We bring every part to a high gloss!

Test our systems at any time during washing trials in the BUPI CLEANER® Technical Centre.

Client testimonials

“The normally upward-opening sliding door was not practical due to the lack of room height. This is where the flexibility of the entrepreneur-led medium-sized manufacturer proved its worth, as it was able to very quickly implement a customised solution with a side-opening sliding door to suit the requirements.”

APF Produktionsdienstleistungs GmbH

“Since objects to be cleaned disappear into the machine just as much as the dirt, we have gained a lot of space, cleanliness and quality of stay in this area of the hall. The essential relief, however, is the elimination of the unloved weekend work, since cleaning and painting are done in parallel.”


“The cycle times for the cleaning process have been reduced by about a third. In addition, the process has been standardised, large and small parts can be treated the same – and completely in the closed cleaning chamber.”


“The robustness and reliability of BUPI Golser’s parts cleaning equipment had already been proven by the predecessor machine at our previous site, which gave us 22 years of faithful service.”

Scania Österreich Ges.m.b.H Branch Puch/Urstein

“The BUPI CLEANER® cleaning system works stably in two-shift operation, and with three months of bath life. It is a worthwhile investment to secure our continued growth.”

Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.

“The company has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of reliable, user-optimised, energy-efficient and sustainable cleaning systems with a large working space.”

Schlotterer Sonnenschutz Systeme GmbH

“From day one, we achieved a consistently perfect cleaning result despite varying degrees of contamination and without manual pre-cleaning.”

Zumtobel Group AG

News & Dates

Latest news

Spectacular transport

8. Apr, 2023

As a manufacturer of customised systems for industrial workpiece and container cleaning, BUPI Golser has a good name far beyond Austria’s borders.

Increased safety with protective door drive from SERVAX

21. Feb, 2023

It is no longer possible to imagine modern industrial process chains without automatic protective drive doors.

Seminar for industrial parts cleaning in CZ

1. Jun, 2022

Quality standards and process reliability: the topic of industrial parts cleaning is a decisive factor in many industries.

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