Increased safety with protective door drive from SERVAX

It is impossible to imagine modern industrial process chains without automatic safety doors. They not only improve productivity and workplace ergonomics – they also increase workplace safety and prevent doors from becoming a risk factor for operating staff. The following product solution from BUPI Golser Maschinenbau GmbH takes this topic into account.

In this case, a standard system from the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO model series in size 4 was produced for a customer and equipped with an electronic, personal-safe protective door drive from SERVAX. BUPI Golser thus proves that, in addition to durability, energy efficiency and sustainability, the safety aspect is also a priority. In addition to the high-quality components, the cleaning system is also characterised by a high level of operational safety. This applies in particular to the protective door drive, which reliably prevents jamming.

protective door drive in top form

With a standard-compliant driven safety door, both the kinetic energy and the static closing force are safely limited at all times. This regulatory framework condition has been optimally implemented by using the SMDA electrical drive system from SERVAX. The TÜV-certified safe force and speed limitation and torque enables reliable and safe operation without additional protective devices, such as safety edges. At the same time, the automatic detection of obstacles leads to an immediate reversal of the direction of the safety gate and prevents people from becoming trapped.

Smart features, convenient handling

The mechanical and electrical integration of the drive into the system is perfectly supported by ready-made system components. With just a few electrical signals, integration into the machine control system is complete. The clearly structured “SMDTuner” configurator helps during commissioning to make and document all necessary system settings within a very short time. Useful additional functions of the SMDA drive system also facilitate the implementation of special requirements. A password access protection against unauthorised modification of safety-relevant setting values additionally increases the manipulation safety. With an integrated SERVAX protective door drive, BUPI Golser offers the technically most optimal solution for personal-safe safety gates – and thus ensures that those who operate the cleaning system are always on the safe side.

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