Technical Centre

We bring every part to a high gloss!

“More convincing than any argument and more meaningful than any
technical information is the practical test.”

In order to make the innovative technical services “tangible” in the truest sense of the word, interested parties have been able to visit the technical centre with the latest cleaning systems at the company headquarters in Hallein since 2017 and see the cleaning options for themselves.

The permanent availability of selected high-tech systems for the application areas of component cleaning and paint stripping offers the possibility of subjecting one’s own workpieces to extensive practical and endurance tests on site in individualised cleaning cycles. Our experienced specialists organise and accompany all pilot plant trials in coordination with interested parties and thus guarantee a customer-oriented process with a great gain in knowledge.

Precise documentation of the relevant cleaning processes with the corresponding cleaning results make the impressive range of services objectively comprehensible.

This allows essential bases for far-reaching investment decisions to be checked in a structured manner under the premises of quality, process reliability and economic efficiency on the basis of concrete customer requirements.

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