Spectacular transport

As a manufacturer of customised systems for industrial workpiece and container cleaning, BUPI Golser has a good name far beyond Austria’s borders. Adapting cleaning systems to the specific needs and operational requirements of customers is a task that the company is happy to take on. The fact that delivery logistics can also become a challenge was demonstrated when a customised BUPI CLEANER 4-bath cleaning system was collected and delivered to the Czech Republic via special transport.

The system, which has a washing chamber with a useful height of 3.25 m and a diameter of 2.5 m, was designed to meet the special needs of one of our existing customers in the railway engineering sector. Train doors with a maximum weight of up to 600 kg are cleaned. The washing process includes cleaning, rinsing, fine rinsing and passivation of the washing parts. Advice and support as well as sales were provided by our sales partner in the Czech Republic, the company IMTOS spol. S r.o..

Millimetre work during removal

Similar to the conceptual design of this custom-built cleaning system, it was also a question of testing the limits of what was feasible during the removal process. For this purpose, the plant was carefully moved with a crane before it was loaded onto the waiting truck. With a special transport, it then made its way to the Czech Republic, ready to set new standards in cleaning there.

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