Machining production

For complex needs

BUPI Golser produces complex functional individual parts with a need for high structural integrity or particularly small dimensions as turned or milled parts from solid material. All ferrous or non-ferrous metals, but also plastics, are machined in the metal-cutting production. For prototypes or small series, the complete machine park with the possibility of mixing automatic and manual operation proves its worth.

BUPI Golser’s machinery includes NC-controlled machining centres as well as manually operated individual machines for turning, milling and drilling as well as all other machining options. Parts production for external customers is carried out with the same personnel and on the same machinery as the parts for our cleaning systems. The machining, metal-cutting production of individual parts can be followed by numerous other processing steps at BUPI Golser, such as painting or component assembly.

And our customers can be sure that the parts are carefully cleaned before each machining step and before delivery.

In addition to state-of-the-art CNC-controlled multi-axis machining centres, several milling machines are available for machining parts with different sizes and accuracy requirements. The same applies to the turning shop, where parts up to 2,000 mm in length and 500 mm in diameter can be machined. In addition, specialised machines are available for other machining steps – such as grinding, reaming, deep-hole drilling or thread cutting as well as wire erosion.

If required, part production for external customers begins with 3D design using modern CAD tools. With solid know-how from the production of our own products, workpieces made of steel, non-ferrous metal or plastic are optimally machined in metal-cutting production for the respective purpose. The possibility to choose between automatic and manual operation and to mix both creates the flexibility needed for particularly small series and prototypes.

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