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BUPI Golser produces complex functional parts with a demand for a high structural integrity or particularly small dimensions in the shape of turned or milled solid parts. BUPI Golser has machining capabilities for all ferrous or non-ferrous metals as well as plastics. The comprehensive machinery pool with the option of combining automatic and manual operations is ideally suited for prototyping or low-volume serial production.

In the BUPI Golser machinery tool, NC controlled machining centres are found side by side with manually operated single-purpose machines for turning, milling and drilling as well as all other machining operations. Parts production for external customers is performed by the same workers using the same machinery pool as for producing the parts for BUPI CLEANER cleaning systems. Machining of individual parts can be followed by numerous other operations on the BUPI Golser premises such as painting or assembling. Our customers can rest assured that the parts are carefully cleaned prior to each process step and of course before shipment.

Aside of state-of-the-art multi-axis CNC machining centres there are several milling machines ready for processing parts of all sizes with different precision requirements. The same is true for the turning shop where parts up to 2000 mm long and 500 mm in diameter can be processed. Outside of this, there are several machines specialised for other cutting processes such as grinding, reaming, deep-hole drilling or thread-cutting as well as wire-cut EDM.

Parts production for external customers can commence as early in the process as 3D modelling using leading-edge CAD tools. With a solid expertise and experience from the production of our own products and systems, work pieces made of steel, non-ferrous metals or plastics are optimally processed for their future purpose in our machining shop. The option of choosing between and mixing manual and automated operations gives us the flexibility required for prototyping and low-volume serial production.