Sheet metal working in contract manufacturing

Customised solutions

BUPI Golser produces housing parts as well as complex structural components as moulded parts from ferrous or non-ferrous metal sheets from 0.5 to 20 mm thick. For prototypes or small series, the complete machine park with the option of mixing automatic and manual operation in job shop sheet metal processing proves its worth.

Precision is ensured by cutting on one of the most modern laser cutting machines. Shaping takes place on the same press brake that is also used to produce the parts for our cleaning systems. After the subsequent welding, the process is far from over. Further processing steps can take place at BUPI Golser in the machining department as well as in other departments – right up to painting. And our customers can be sure that the parts are carefully cleaned before each processing step and before delivery.


Every sheet metal job begins with the cut. It is done on a TruLaser 3030 lean edition cutting machine from Trumpf. We process sheets of all metals with thicknesses from 0.5 to 20 mm and sizes up to large-format sheets of 1,500 x 3,000 mm. The CAM software used allows the import of CAD data supplied by the customer and ensures excellent accuracy values through the possibility of directly deriving the NC programmes for the machine control.

Welding work

BUPI Golser masters various welding processes. With solid know-how from the manufacture of its own products, steel and non-ferrous metal constructions as well as housing parts are produced. Supported by, depending on the application, different devices from the most renowned manufacturers, welding is done by hand. This maintains the flexibility needed for particularly small series and prototypes.

Press brake

The structural parts are created from the blanks on the press brake. With know-how from the parts for our own products, the time- or resource-optimised planning of the individual bending and folding processes takes place beforehand. The result is formed sheet metal parts with great precision of the individual piece and high repeat accuracy in the small and medium-sized series.

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