Green thinking begins at home

In line with the motto “Green thinking begins at home”, BUPI Golser Maschinenbau GmbH has been intensifying its investments in the careful use of resources in its own company infrastructure for several years now.


Sustainability and energy efficiency have been defining features of our corporate culture for almost seven decades and thus underpin BUPI Golser’s proven track record as one of the leading manufacturers in the field of innovative parts cleaning.


After all lighting in the office and production facilities had already been converted to energy-saving LED systems in 2018, the next significant steps towards sustainable ecologisation followed from 2019 onwards: the corresponding roofs at the company headquarters in Hallein were gradually equipped with photovoltaic elements. In the meantime, 128 mounted solar modules on a length of 55m and more than 340m2 of roof surface convert the available sunlight into clean, CO2-free energy.


In this way, the desired optimisation of the eco-balance can be further accelerated and the dependence on possible price increases for conventional electricity can be counteracted as a precaution.


BUPI Golser sees the demonstrable economic and energetic profitability as motivation for further “ecological footprints”.

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