New accessory: stainless steel wash load receptacle

Due to the increased demand, we now offer various stainless steel wash ware holders in the standard accessories. The holders are specially designed for sheet metal components and flat components in a slightly inclined position to enable optimum cleaning and drying and to make efficient use of the available space on the grating.

In addition to some job shops, paint shops and sheet metal fabrication shops, there has already been very positive experience with these washer fluid fixtures for cleaning air filters or similar.

We offer the washer intake in various designs and different sizes – all adapted to the size of the grating:

Variant 1
A holder exactly adapted to the shape of the grating consisting of two levels connected crosswise with round material. The holder is attached to the grating via 4 lugs and is thus fixed in position.

Variant 2
Edged sheet receptacles for sheet metal components – with 20 mm grid and 5 mm slot.

Variant 3
Edged sheet receptacles for sheet metal components – with 72 mm grid and 22 mm slot.

Special designs are available on request at any time!

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