The BUPI CLEANER® TOPLOADER systems were specifically designed as workplace implements for industrial part cleaning in production and maintenance applications.

With all components in contact with fluid made of stainless steel, these stable, rugged systems are a cost-effective cleaning solution for single part and low volume serial production.

As systems utilizing spray-cleaning with water-based cleaning agents, they are based upon the time-tested BUPI CLEANER® technology concept with rotating parts to clean and a stationary nozzle pipe system, delivering outstanding cleaning results. The broad product range with numerous options excels with simple operation and delivers top values of heating power, loading capacity and reliability.


  • Spray cleaning system for water-based cleaning agents
  • Simple operation
  • Space-saving
  • Eco-friendly
  • Rugged design
  • Reliable and long-lived
  • Low costs for purchase and operation
  • High-efficiency high-power Grundfos pump IE3/IE4
  • Electrical and control equipment from Siemens
  • All components in contact with fluid in stainless steel

Equipment characteristics

  • All components in contact with fluid in stainless steel
  • Vertically rotating cage
  • Motor-driven cleaning cage
  • High loading capacity (max. payload 350 kg)
  • Siemens Logo control / Logo TD display
  • High-efficiency high-power Grundfos pumps IE3/IE4
  • Dry running protection
overall dimensions approx. (without additional equipment)TL 80TL 100TL 120
Wire basket, round1,000 mm1,000 mm1,200 mm
Usable height450 mm500 mm700 mm
Width1,120 mm1,320 mm1,520 mm
Depth920 mm1,120 mm1,320 mm
Height with closed lid1,000 mm1,200 mm1,400 mm
Payload200 kg250 kg350 kg
Capacity tank135 l300 l430 l
Spray pressure at nozzle mouth3.0 bar3.5 bar3.5 bar
Circulation rate4.8 m³/h12 m³/h12 m³/h
Pump motor0.85 kW2.2 kW2.2 kW
Power electric heater4.5 kW6.0 kW9.0 kW
Installed load6.0 kW8.5 kW11.5 kW
Maximum current drain10.0 A14.5 A20.5 A
Continuous treatment temperature control0-85° C0-85° C0-85° C
Warm-up period tank from 15 to 70° Capprox. 1.5 hoursapprox. 2 hoursapprox. 2 hours