Anniversary: 14,000 BUPI CLEANER® Parts cleaning systems on the market

The Styrian REMUS-SEBRING group of companies, the world market leader among sports exhaust manufacturers, has recently been relying on a BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO system: the new cleaning system now ensures energy-efficient, space-saving cleaning of the exhaust and exhaust systems produced, which is necessary in the course of the production process. When the system was handed over in October, there was double reason to celebrate: in addition to the successful completion of the project, BUPI Golser was also able to celebrate an anniversary at the same time – with the delivery of the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO to REMUS, the Austrian specialist in the field of industrial parts cleaning now has 14,000 systems on the market.

The BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO: All-rounder with an environmental bonus

The system used is one of BUPI Golser’s standard models that has been tried and tested over many years: the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO is based on cleaning technology that has been tried and tested for decades and is also a real all-round talent. For example, the system can be used in engine and gearbox production, in paint preparation, or – as in the case of REMUS – in the automotive sector.

It scores points with its sophisticated design: During development, BUPI Golser paid particular attention to designing a solid and compact system. Other important advantages are the environmental friendliness of the system and the low operating costs. Thanks to the possibility of combining various standard options, the cleaning process can also be ideally adapted to customer-specific requirements.

REMUS-SEBRING has been relying on the expertise of BUPI Golser for 17 years.

The REMUS-SEBRING group of companies, based in Bärnbach, Styria, is the world market leader in the field of sports exhaust manufacturers and employs a total of around 700 people. REMUS exports its exhaust systems to over 60 countries and counts not only the tuner industry but also numerous renowned premium vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Bentley, McLaren, BMW and Ducati among its customers.

For the necessary cleaning of the exhaust systems in the course of the production process, REMUS has been relying on BUPI Golser technology for 17 years and is very satisfied with the BUPI CLEANER® Rhönrad cleaning systems it operates. When it finally became necessary to replace an existing continuous cleaning system, it was therefore obvious to consider a solution from the Austrian premium manufacturer here as well.

Extensive area of application and complex requirements for the system

The specific field of application of the new system includes the cleaning of components as well as of finished exhaust and exhaust systems: The cleaning system runs in single-shift operation, with one cleaning cycle taking about 10-15 minutes. The requirements for the new plant system were very high, as many different parts have to be cleaned on it – accordingly, great importance was attached to a plant that was as versatile as possible.

Therefore, several discussions took place with the customer in order to find an optimal solution: As the responsible contact person on site, the company MAP PAMMINGER GmbH was responsible for the direct coordination with the customer. They recommended to REMUS a version of the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO with two lifting door openings in order to make optimum use of the available space. This ability to respond individually to the given requirements and also the inspection of a similar BUPI CLEANER® cleaning system of the same size at another customer were important factors for REMUS that contributed to the purchase decision.

Energy-efficient, compact and ergonomically operable

All in all, the new cleaning system offers a number of advantages from which the REMUS company is now benefiting in direct practical use. Wolfgang Sabetz, responsible for production technology and industrial engineering at the REMUS-SEBRING group of companies, explains what particularly convinced him about the new BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO: “Our old continuous cleaning system had a high energy consumption because it was not insulated and was also very cost-intensive to maintain overall. The new cleaning plant is much more energy efficient due to the closed system and full insulation.” To ensure this low energy consumption of the plant, BUPI Golser uses thick-walled insulation and highly efficient motors.

REMUS also benefits from the small plant size compared to the previous plant system: thanks to its compact design, the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO is extremely space-saving – an important aspect, as every square metre in production halls must be optimally utilised. At the same time, the complete range of parts can still be cleaned.

In addition, it is important for BUPI Golser to ensure the most ergonomic operation possible when developing the cleaning systems: this was also taken into account in the system for REMUS. “By installing the cleaning system in a pit, it is easy and ergonomic to operate: despite the large loading area of 2.45 m x 2.45 m, we thus achieve a low useful height of only 1.50 m, which makes it much easier for the employees to operate the system,” says Markus Wischenbart, technical manager at BUPI Golser. In addition, the two lifting doors enable particularly efficient work, as the parts to be cleaned can be unloaded simultaneously on one side and the system can already be reloaded on the other side.

Anniversary for BUPI Golser: REMUS system is the 14,000th on the market

The official handover of the new cleaning system took place in mid-October at the REMUS-SEBRING group of companies’ site in Bärnbach, Styria. Not only was the successful completion of the project celebrated, but also an anniversary: With the delivery of the BUPI CLEANER® POWERTEC PRO to REMUS, the company BUPI Golser now has a total of 14,000 units on the market. An impressive number that reflects the success story of BUPI Golser very well. Founded in 1954 and based in Hallein/Salzburg, the company has been one of the world market leaders in the field of industrial parts cleaning for 60 years. The recipe for success: the individual requirements of the customers always have the highest priority in the development of the cleaning solutions. In addition, BUPI Golser attaches great importance to improving the overall efficiency of the production processes on the customer side through its cleaning systems and always has sustainability and environmental friendliness firmly in mind: For example, all drives are completely classified according to energy efficiency class IE 3/IE 4.

All in all, the changeover to the new system has paid off for REMUS in many respects and the company now benefits from a higher economic efficiency and energy efficiency of its cleaning processes.


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